DSC_37175Hey guys!! I’m soooo sorry I didn’t post any last week! I was at church camp until Tuesday, Tuesday night I started to get sick, And my great grandmother was in the hospital for several days. But anyway, in this post I wanted to tell you a little about my new haircut and color.
I went to a new hairdresser this time since my lady moved away. Lets just say I wasn’t too impressed with the cut or the way I was treated at the salon (I’m pretty sure she pulled half of my hair out of my head and she barley talked to me). I showed her a picture of Eleanor Calder(Her hair is so freaking amazing!). She didn’t give me layers like in the picture, but I guess it didn’t turn out horrible.
I did the ombre myself with the Loreal wild ombre kit. It was my first time ever using hair color. I feel like it was really easy to follow the guide and use the product. I really like how it looks but it does look lighter in some pictures than in real life which kind of annoys me. I’ll buy another kit soon and lighten it more to make it look like it does in pictures.
I hope you enjoyed this post! -Kayla Brianna xx

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