Since I got a lot of positive feed back on my most worn clothes of spring, I decided to do one for summer as well. I hope you Enjoy it!
1. Vintage square scarfs. I love wearing these as headbands! They brighten up my mostly dark outfits and you can find them at thrift stores for around a dollar or less!!

2. I have been wearing these shoes from H&M none stop for the past few weeks and they are so comfortable! I really need a pair in every color.DSC_36791

3. I found this shirt at Ross for just $5! I couldn’t leave the store without it. I love the color and its very flattering.DSC_37336

4. I stole this braided leather belt from my mom a while back and I love wearing it with light wash jeans!!DSC_37781

5. These black shoes are pretty new to my collection but I’ve already fallen for them. I got them during a recent shopping trip to one of my local thrift shops for just $4.DSC_37144

6. This jumpsuit from H&H is one of my favorite clothing items I own. Its so easy to wear and it feels like I’m wearing silk pajamas. It couldn’t get any better!! DSC_37618

7. This is another thrifted item that I recently got. I just love all the detail on the front! Plus it’s my favorite color to wear. Black! DSC_37225

8. I have been loving these jeans soooo much! The color and style are just perfect for spring. And I always pair these with the white leather belt above. DSC_37457

9. The style of this skirt is super flattering. I also got this at the thrift store. But for just $4 I couldn’t say no! And I really like the houndstooth print! DSC_37759

10. These sunglasses were a gift from one of my best friends. She got them from a stand in the mall. And these have to be my favorite sunglasses I own. I just think they are so chic! DSC_36872

I hope you enjoyed it!

Also I won’t be posting on Monday. I’ll be out of town without internet. I’m going to try to post on Tuesday instead, but I’m not sure yet.
Thanks for understanding! -Kayla Brianna xx

All photographs taken by me.


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