Hello! This post is all about my most worn items of spring! It’s not very glamorous but I really wanted to show you some of the pieces I wear almost every day. I’ll also have links to posts I have used these items in at the bottom of this post.

1. This is a little gold chain I picked up from Forever21. Me and one of my best friends both have so that makes it really special to me. It goes with almost everything I wear so I wear this almost every day.DSC_0841

2. I really love this flannel shirt! It it so perfect for me. I love the colors, the size, and it’s not to thick to wear during spring and summer too!! I got this at a local thrift store but the brand name is Lemon Grass.DSC_1075

3. These are my favorite shoes at the moment. they are white leather Converse I got several years ago. These are perfect if it has rained a little too!DSC_0875

4. This tank top is from The Loft. I really like how it has a more dressy fabric in the front and a light t shirt fabric in the back. And it’s so flattering as well.DSC_0945

5. I love the color of this dress from Forever21! The style looks so good on my body shape and really hides my little bumps and rolls hahaDSC_0977

6. This shirt is from the brand Jones New York (It’s in the wash right now so I’m not sure.) Everyone should have a shirt similar to this in their closet! Its looks good on all body types and it looks so classic and chic.DSC_0997

7. I got these high waisted jeans from Forever21 a few months ago and I have worn them at least 2-3 times a week ever since. These are the perfect style of jeans for me! I love them and I’m planning on buying more in as many different colors as I can find as soon as possible!! Plus they are less then $10! DSC_1040

8. Another item from Forever21. I buy so many of my clothes from there but you really cant beat the prices!!
This is one of my favorite skirts. I can wear it with almost anything and it looks so good!DSC_1087

9. I got this shirt from a thrift store a few years ago. It is super soft and it just looks so good on me. I like that it’s not too over sized so I still look like I have shape.DSC_1115

10. These are some old Lee jeans that I did a DIY on and made into high waisted shorts. These are perfect to wear with crop tops because they are very high waisted.DSC_0935

And here are a few posts that have some of these items in them. Enjoy! -Kayla Brianna

All of the photography in this post was done by me.


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