Hello Everyone!!! If you have seen my last post then you know I went to Nashville this weekend. It was so much fun and the shopping was amazing. Since I couldn’t take all of you along with me, I decided to take as many pictures as I could and show them to you!!DSC_1336 Here are a couple of pictures of my outfits from the trip!! DSC_1460DSC_1482 I didn’t get to take very many pictures except the ones at the dance competition we went to. So here are few From the hotel room and the competition.
This one we took at a Krispy Kreme shop.dfjksdjfsdlkfd
These are a few from the hotel.DSC_1620DSC_1661DSC_1557
And here are a few from the dance competition.sdfjnfsdlnkdsfBgKdd33IcAAQDr9fdsjfsldagvgsdffgh
I hope you liked it!! -Kayla Brianna xx

Photographed By Annette Mason, Amanda Warren, & Kayla Mason.


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